En Route – July 2011

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VISAKHAPATNAM – INDIA With only a few hours before boarding the train to Chhattisgarh, we decided to go the beach. Being a sunny Sunday afternoon, the beach was full of Indian families who had come to enjoy their afternoon. Again I was the centre of attraction (really irritating). We left after one hour after all, […]

The perfect getaway – July 2011

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 Kochi – India Kochi is in the south of Mumbai in the southwest of India in Kerala State. It is one of the most touristic and beautiful places in India. It is famous for the Chinese fishing nets and it has a lot of old forts, sanctuaries, churches, traditional performances and the backwaters. We took a […]


I am a Kenyan lady brought up in a family of five: two brothers and three sisters. When I was young I always told my parents that when I grow up I wanted to be a pilot or an air hostess or a journalist, because all this things involved one thing; travelling.

Growing up in Africa is one of the most adventurous things ever and I consider myself lucky to be born in Africa. Everyone has the right to discipline you and discipline in Africa is instilled through the cane.

I have opened this blog to give a highlight of my travel experiences as an African Lady. I will let you see the world from the eyes of an African woman. I love travelling but as an African it is not so easy because you always have problems getting visas to certain countries. Tribalism is another problem. Some people will mistreat or mischarge you just because you are black. I remember one day in Singapore I was going inside the subway station and then there was a security guard at the entrance. Just after seeing me with my suitcase, he stopped me in the name of security and ordered me to open my bag so that he could inspect it. I obeyed and did as he said. This, my friends, is racism. How could he have stopped me, the only black person, in a subway full of people and not the others?

I never became what I wanted to be when I was young, but I still have time to chase my dreams, it is never too late. All in all I am fulfilling one of my dreams. Now I am an online computer science student and when I am not on the move I am in the cyber studying.

me on the move

My trip started on January 2011 in a jail in my country Kenya, as I was trying to get my passport so that I can travel and there was a problem and I was arrested. I still remember that day clearly because it taught me a lesson; that I should ALWAYS respect my freedom. I still remember the small room about five metres by three, it had only one bench and a window, about thirty centimetres long with two concrete layers in the middle so that the light came in two small rays. The room had only one bulb that was shared between one cell and the next one. It was very cold and the door was metallic with only a small opening where you would call the officer whenever you wanted to go to the washroom and he would escort you to and from the washroom and then lock you up like a murderer. There were no phones allowed inside the cell so I was there with some Ethiopian girls who did not speak a single English word and that left me in a world of my own. They had been arrested trying to cross the border illegally whereby they would then go to Mombasa and take one boat and sail to Mozambique, then to South Africa. I felt trapped in a hole so many metres from the real world like the Chilean miners.

The effect these had on me were both psychological and mental despite the fact that I was there for one day, I wonder what those people who stay for years in jail feel. Later I was released on a fine of Kshs 50, 000 ($ 560) but still the battle was not over. I had to wait for another six months till I got the passport. The reason behind this is corruption and greed of those in power. So greedy are they, such that they value money over other human lives.

Some of the blogs I have written are about trips that I made in 2011. Currently (Jan 2012) I am in Laos.