Going back in time – July 2011

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Jagdalpur – India After almost ten hours going through the most enticing and breathtaking landscape ever – in a train full of teenagers shouting like fishwives every time we went inside a tunnel – we were in Jagdalpur. This was the most remarkable train ride I had in India; going through mountains, forests and beautiful […]

En Route – July 2011

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VISAKHAPATNAM – INDIA With only a few hours before boarding the train to Chhattisgarh, we decided to go the beach. Being a sunny Sunday afternoon, the beach was full of Indian families who had come to enjoy their afternoon. Again I was the centre of attraction (really irritating). We left after one hour after all, […]

City of the temples – July 2011

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Madurai – India After 12 hours in the bus – holding our lives in our hearts because of the crazy driver – we were in the other part of the ‘continent’ India; Madurai. The place is like an oven, polluted, over populated, dirty and with cows all around. In India cows are considered holy and […]

The cold cradle – July 2011

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Munnar – India Munnar is 1600m above sea level; that means it is cold.  It is acres and acres of tea plantations that are sown to create a very beautiful pattern. They also have a tea museum where they showcase the different types of tea they produce. There is also has a lake, many waterfalls […]

The perfect getaway – July 2011

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 Kochi – India Kochi is in the south of Mumbai in the southwest of India in Kerala State. It is one of the most touristic and beautiful places in India. It is famous for the Chinese fishing nets and it has a lot of old forts, sanctuaries, churches, traditional performances and the backwaters. We took a […]

Where the rich and the poor are borne – July 2011

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After one month and two weeks I was back in Kenya and still no positive results from the Immigration in Kenya. After waiting for two more months in June I finally got the passport. I couldn’t believe it, after moving from one office to the next, taking my dad, my boyfriend and almost all my […]

Old as a stone – Feb 2011

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Stone town- Zanzibar After one hour of nothing but sun and small boats in the monstrous sea that made them look like toys we were in Zanzibar. I have to admit I was impressed by my first ferry experience; it had three floors and it was also cosy and full of tourists sunbathing in the […]