En Route – July 2011

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VISAKHAPATNAM – INDIA With only a few hours before boarding the train to Chhattisgarh, we decided to go the beach. Being a sunny Sunday afternoon, the beach was full of Indian families who had come to enjoy their afternoon. Again I was the centre of attraction (really irritating). We left after one hour after all, […]

City of the temples – July 2011

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Madurai – India After 12 hours in the bus – holding our lives in our hearts because of the crazy driver – we were in the other part of the ‘continent’ India; Madurai. The place is like an oven, polluted, over populated, dirty and with cows all around. In India cows are considered holy and […]

Where the rich and the poor are borne – July 2011

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After one month and two weeks I was back in Kenya and still no positive results from the Immigration in Kenya. After waiting for two more months in June I finally got the passport. I couldn’t believe it, after moving from one office to the next, taking my dad, my boyfriend and almost all my […]